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Hello, I am Javier Medellin Puyou a.k.a. Jilipollo, an award winning Mexico based illustrator. I always find the fun in new challenges with different kind of commissions, which makes the job of an illustrator never boring and dynamic. I also do this for the money. When I have the opportunity to produce personal work, I illustrate the girls I will never have.

Having said this, I decided to take another step ahead in my life when I was still studying and tried to do what I enjoyed the most: illustration. At first, my lack of experience made me fail sometimes (there wasn’t many close information resources in that moment), but I decided to take it as an experience and continue trying. I had a girlfriend in those days, which I loved of course, and lived together for some time. At certain point, it was really tough to hear her said illustration wasn’t a real job, and I should look for a “real one”, even if I started to get a few commissions already. Feels really bad when you don’t find that support in a beloved person, so the breaking up shortly came up, and things were looking… very grey in life. I decided to try to move on and show her and myself I could make it if I really give a try. She didn’t know it, but in some way she helped me giving me extra motivation, so I produced more work, enhanced my skills, learn to market my work… etc. I REALLY wanted to become a successful illustrator. In these same days, I found out there was a Coca Cola poster contest, so I decided to participate… and it really surprised me when I realized I won the price! I think those situations were important phases that reminded me this is what I wanted to do.


Illustration now! vol. 4 (edit. Taschen) / Communication Arts Illustration / American Illustration 33 / Latin American Illustration 3 and 4 Winner Award / Society of Illustrators of L.A. 51, 52 and 53 (Silver Award) / Creative Pool Annual Winner 2015 / The 3×3 Illustration annual 11 and 13 Honorable Mention / 360º Asia Pacific Design / Afiches e Ilustraciones UP (Universidad de Palermo) / Sube tu Vida (Coca-Cola award winner poster) / Fashion Illustration (Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House) / Young Illustrators Award, Berlin / Juxtapoz magazine


Coca Cola / Google Plus / Banamex / ESPN / Mamas Gun / Aeromexico Airlines / Tasveer / Lufthansa Airlines / Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) / Anoto Pens / QUO magazine / Picnic magazine / Expansion magazine /  Travel & Leisure magazine / CEO magazine / Variety Magazine / Aire Magazine / Accent Magazine / Sabor Magazine / Fanatic Studio / Still Human / Chilango magazine / Creativepool / Red Cross Mexico / La Legendaria Brew Beer / la Última del Desierto Brew Beer / Morfo Brew Beer / BOOM! Comics / Gain (Mr. Clean) / Afrín / Magus Brands


Mediamates / Group Publishing / BBDO / Peter Wolf / Culteva / Publicis / / Hashtag / WeAreTheKash / Cocolab / Artek Creative / diecinueve36 / Kuter Casa productora

My work has been exhibited in New York, California, Mexico and Berlin