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Sabor-The Myth of Traditional British food

Illustration for “Sabor” Magazine, a food thematic publication. In this article, they refers to a story on British food myth: There’s a common notion in the UK that the common British people was well fed on a steady diet of beef, while in reality, they most had to do with a meagre pottage (thick soup like dish).

Also, the food in general was bad, often almost unfit for use, and in many cases, at least at times, insufficient in quantity, so that, in extreme cases, death by starvation results. While the newly emergent middle classes fretted about fashionable dishes, as well as a hundred ways with mutton, the lot of the poor was same as it ever was. The ever-expanding middle class were upwardly mobile Victorians who could afford whole joints of beef, as well as cooks for making all those pies and pudding and stews in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Client: Sabor magazine
Ink and Digital
2015, Netherlands and England